Viton™ Rubber

Viton™ fluoroelastomer was developed by the Dupont Chemours Company to meet aggressive fuel and chemical resistance and mechanical properties not available in other elastomers. Viton™ rubber is often the only available seal choice for resistance to amines, caustics, hydrocarbon fluids and ability to maintain a seal at low temperatures. Viton™ outperforms in very hot and extreme critical corrosive environments.

Thunder Technologies LLC, an authorized Viton™ distributor, carries the full line of Viton™ sheet rubber. We will custom-cut Viton™ to your specifications. We custom-cut Viton into Viton™ rubber sheets, Viton™ rubber strips, Viton™ rubber gaskets or any Viton™ shape you need.

viton rubber

Key Characteristics

  • Thickness: 1/16″ to 1″ sheet, roll, slab, strips • Durometers: 55 – 90
  • Temperatures: -18°C to 200°C
  • Widths: Up to 60″
  • Lengths: Up to 50 ft
  • Homogeneous or Fiberglass Reinforced (CI)
  • Finishes: Smooth or Fabric Finishes
  • Colors: Black (standard), brown, FDA white, blue and other colors available

Types of VITON™

  • Brown FKM
  • FDA Viton™ (White and Blue)
  • Viton™ GF
  • Commercial Grade Viton™
  • Viton™ with Fiberglass Cloth Insert (CI)
  • Viton™ Extreme
  • Viton B™ (6070-B, Premium Grade, and Commercial Grade)
  • Viton A™ (Mil-R, AMS 3216, Viton™ with Post Cure)