Hose Testing

Do you inspect & test your hose assemblies on a regular basis?

Do you track your hose assembly’s service from “cradle to grave”?

hose testing equipment

Hose Assembly Testing Options

  • Hydrostatic leak and pressure testing is performed on flexible metal hoses, PTFE and rubber hoses
  • Your flexible metal hoses, rubber hoses & PTFE hoses are hydro-statically leak tested to the manufacturers’ recommendations, unless otherwise specified by the customer
  • Since we can provide you with the gasket, we can leak-test your-hose assembly as a complete set. Now you can be sure your system is leak-free
  • Helium Leak Testing is available on metal hoses
  • We DO NOT fill our metal hose assemblies with air and put it in a bucket of water to see if bubbles appear
  • Your metal hoses are tested with helium and a mass spectrometer checking the-welds and length of the hose. Our leak rate is so stringent that a drop of water would take a year to leak out of our hose. That is “THUNDER TIGHT”!
  • Radiographic Examinations or x ray testing on your flexible metal hose assembly
  • TSSA Testing for pressure vessels
  • Dye Penatrant Examination on your flexible metal hose assembly
  • Hose assembly testing and certification is performed in accordance with the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) of Canada 
  • Thunder Technologies’ quality system is audited and accepted by the U.S. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurers
  • CE Markings that meet European specifications.
  • Burst Tests and any other specified testing

We look forward to working with you!