Hose Accesories

Protective safety bump

Protective Safety Bump Cam and Groove Cover

  • Replace traditional cam and groove caps and covers with the new Safety Bump™.
  • Protects the camlock ear rings from damage
  • Easy hose handling for operator
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Heavy Duty, Durable, Industrial-Grade Hose Reel Recoil Styles

  • Safety Hose Reels
  • Motor Driven Hose
  • Reels Hand Crank
  • Hose Reels Electric
  • Hose Reels Spring
  • Driven Hose Reels
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industrial hose reel recoil
Hose protection cover

Hose Protection

Hoses are often the most vulnerable part of your system. Protect you hoses from being crushed, abrasion, the environment, and the elements by adding a hose protective covering.

  • Thunder Hose Guard
  • Thunder Skin EPDM Covers
  • Fire Sleeve
  • Spring Guard
  • Plastic Spiral Wrap
  • Braided Sleeves
  • Fiberglass Sleeves
  • And More...
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