Rubber FAQ

Do you have rolls of rubber on your shelf, such as 1" x 100 Ft?

No, we cut your rolls of rubber to your specifications from a master roll very quickly. That way we can provide you with exactly what you need so you don’t have to work with a “standard” size that doesn’t work best for you.

Do you have rubber strips & rolls of rubber with adhesive backing?

Yes, we apply the adhesive when we cut your rolls of rubber, rubber strips, or rubber shapes. That keeps the adhesive fresh for best performance.

Can I buy just one piece of sheet rubber, one rubber strip, one roll of rubber or one piece of rubber in a unique shape?

As long as you meet our $50 minimum, and depending on the rubber type, we usually can provide you with one piece of rubber.

Do you have rubber that meets military specs?

Yes, we do. Call us with your mil spec requirements and we can help you.

Can you cut rubber into unique shapes?

Yes. You can provide us with a template, drawing or specs, and we can make it for you.

Can you punch holes in my rubber roll, gasket, or rubber piece?

Yes, let us know the size of the hoses and distance between them, or provide us with a drawing.

I do not see a size I need. Can you make odd or unique sizes?

We cut Rubber Sheets and Rubber Rolls into several different sizes. If you do not see the size you need, either call us at 248.844.4875 or email us.