Neoprene Rubber

General Purpose, less expensive (Chloroprene, CR)

More than 80% of rubber we sell is Neoprene. It is a workhorse rubber. Neoprene can be used in a majority of applications. Neoprene rubber is a very good, versatile and popular general-use blend of synthetic rubber. Neoprene rubber is good at resisting outdoor Ozone, UV light, and weather effects. Neoprene rubber has good chemical resistance, and can handle petroleum, oil or gas applications.

Hard Neoprene is commonly used in sound studios, gasketing, and industrial padding. In particular, it has moderate levels of chemical resistance, good protection against UV rays, and Ozone resistance (which vary depending on the blend); meaning it could withstand the weathering of the outdoors. Due to their good insulating properties, neoprene rubber sheets are known for their fire-resistant benefits. Besides resistant to petroleum products Neoprene Rubber Sheets are used where temperature, oil and flame resistance are required. This Rubber Sheet is waterproof and available in different lengths as per the requirements of the buyer. Neoprene Rubber Sheet is designed to be used as resistant to ageing, acid, heat, alkalis & cold mineral oils. They are highly suitable for use in oil, gas, chemical and dye industries. Many grades of neoprene are available depending on the application. Cloth inserted neoprene, anti-static ESD neoprene and even FDA approved neoprene is readily available.

General Purpose Chloroprene Neoprene Rubber

Key Characteristics

  • Good for all-around general use
  • Affordable
  • Good for outdoor use, with good resistance Ozone, UV light and weather
  • Good for chemical resistance
  • Good resistance of oil, gas and other petroleum-based products
  • Fire Resistant
  • Good strength and durability
  • Water resistant – excellent for waterproofing
  • Available in General Purpose, Commercial grade and Military grades
  • Available Neoprene sheet rubber forms: Solid and Closed Cell foam/sponge
  • Temperature up to 220F Degrees

Thunder Technologies carries different grades, types and blends of Silicone rubber. Contact us with your specs to help select the best rubber for your needs.
Thunder Technologies will custom fabricate Silicone sheet rubber into Silicone rubber strips, Silicone gaskets, Silicone rolls of rubber, and custom Silicone shapes. Thunder Technologies carries non-domestic Silicone sheet rubber and domestic Silicone sheet rubber Made in the USA..