EPDM Rubber

Outdoor use UV & Water Resistant (ethylene propylene diene monomer):

EPDM rubber is a synthetic elastomer which resists outdoor Ozone, UV light, and weather effects, including cracking and discoloration, making it ideal for outdoor applications. This highly sought after compound is among the best in terms of withstanding weathering. With unparalleled UV and ozone resistance, it excels in outdoor areas and is extremely durable. Resistant to alkalis, acids and ketones. EPDM rubber sheets are also known for their supreme weather resistant features – making them ideal for outdoor and high ozone applications, such as rubber roofing. EPDM Rubber Sheets are used for outdoor and high ozone environment applications. This sheet is required under higher temperature and resistant to acids, alkali and ketones than other rubber sheets. However, these sheets have poor resistance to fuels, oils and alcohol. EPDM Rubber Sheets are quite thick in size and are used for roofing and automotive applications.

Although EPDM has good chemical resistance, it is NOT recommended for oil or gas applications.

epdm  ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber

Key Characteristics

  • Step up from Neoprene
  • Superior for outdoor applications
  • Ozone and UV resistant
  • Temperatures: -40F degrees to 212F degrees
  • Resists fading and cracking
  • Impermeable
  • Used in waterproofing
  • Good insulator
  • Chemical Resistant -Excellent in seal and gasket applications
  • NOT Oil or gasoline resistant

Thunder Technologies carries many grades and blends of EPDM rubber. Contact us with your specs to help select the type of EPDM rubber for your needs. We will custom fabricate EPDM sheet rubber into rubber strips, rubber gaskets, rolls of rubber, and custom rubber shapes. We offer both domestic and non-domestic EPDM Rubber sheet.