Gum Rubber

Natural Rubber Sheeting

Natural Gum rubber is a very flexible and elastic rubber, yet it has a high tensile strength and is very durable. Natural Gum rubber, as the name suggests, is a natural elastomer derived from the tree sap.

This organic rubber is naturally harvested from rubber trees and provides the elastic quality that is common to all rubber goods. Typically mixed into various types of rubber, it adds elements of elasticity, durability, and resilience to the products. Made from non-toxic latex sourced from the Para rubber tree, natural rubber sheets are eco-friendly. They demonstrate excellent dynamic, rebound and mechanical properties and are commonly used in shotblasts, chute linings and conveyor skirts, Gaskets Packing & Insertion, among others. Thunder Technologies carries different blends of Natural Rubber. Contact us with your specs to help select the best rubber for your needs.

natural gum rubber sheet

Key Characteristics

  • Abrasion resistant, tear resistant
  • Non-Marking
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • High tensile strength
  • Low compression set
  • Good shock and impact absorption
  • High friction coefficient
  • Temperature demands and types of chemicals resistance NOT good as synthetic rubber
  • Not the best suited for outdoor use

Thunder Technologies carries many grades and blends of Gum Rubber. Contact us with your specs to help select the type of Gum Rubber for your needs. We will custom fabricate Gum sheet rubber into rubber strips, rubber gasketsrolls of rubber, and custom rubber shapes. We offer both domestic and non-domestic Gum Rubber sheet.